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We focus on your local products within your area and provide excellent delivery services to the community. Building trust and grow the economy better by sharing customer convenience within your local area.

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What We Offer
ondaGo Online© is a real-time ordering delivery service provider, giving you an opportunity and enabling the economy to grow better using technological advances. Online customers have now the ability to purchase your local products without the hassle of going outside their home, our reliable delivery platform will bring your operational business needs in realtime.

"Share our passion in growing the organization's advocacy in building economy and trust within your locality. Together we will help our community better.

Vision: ondaGO ONLINE

Deliveries: Food packs, fast food chains, groceries, farm produce, small retail items, medical equipments and non-prescription drugs.


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Our "private data policy" will always assure you of our commitment to all customers online. If you think you are ready to serve your locality by offering products within your business location, then affiliate with us and join. Click on "Register" now!


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OUR DELIVERIES : All products are fresh, selected and picked by our merchandiser for your convenience. All customers have the best choice of items competitively priced to fit their budget because we want to serve better. Whether you ("our customer") are alone with your kids and cannot go outside to buy some products you need or craving a local food within your area and wanted to order without falling in line, ondaGo ONLINE© is the service that is right for you!

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